This page provides an overview of the BurpGPT project.

BurpGPT stands as a cutting-edge extension to the industry-standard BurpSuite, introducing a revolutionary paradigm to web application security. By seamlessly integrating OpenAI's advanced models and leveraging the vast repository of over 11,000 open-source Language Model Models (LLMs) available on the Hugging Face Model Hub, this fusion elevates web application scanning to the next level.

This integration empowers BurpSuite with artificial intelligence capabilities, enabling it to comprehend and interpret natural language. In contrast to conventional scanners constrained by predefined patterns, BurpGPT's sophisticated features unlock a myriad of potential applications, going beyond the limitations of traditional scanners and providing a more refined and adaptable approach to identifying security vulnerabilities.

A key strength of BurpGPT lies in its proficiency in uncovering tailor-made vulnerabilities that may elude traditional "dumb" scanners. The AI-powered scanner surpasses surface-level analysis, delving into the intricacies of language to identify vulnerabilities that are highly specific and context-dependent. This guarantees a more comprehensive security assessment, introducing a valuable layer of defence against sophisticated threats.

TL; DR; Essentially, BurpGPT acts as a powerful ally for cybersecurity professionals, enriching their toolkit with an intelligent and versatile solution. The fusion of Burp Suite with AI capabilities not only boosts the effectiveness of security assessments but also brings to light vulnerabilities that might otherwise remain concealed in the intricate landscape of web applications.

We value your input in shaping BurpGPT's evolution. If you've acquired a license and want to contribute to the product's development, reach out to us. Your insights are crucial, and we are open to collaboration and suggestions.

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